Sanctuary of Novello

Address: Loc. Mezzano - 27020 Travacò Siccomario
Phone: 0382-482243
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A few steps from the River Po, on the floodplain of the river, stands the Sanctuary of Novello.  Its role is to protect the land from the flooding of the river and act as a point from which it envisions the beautiful scenery of the countryside of Pavia, with its picturesque farms and the surrounding fields.

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In the town of Travacò – Siccomario, just south of Pavia, at the convergence of the Ticino and Po, is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria Novello.  It is placed just a few steps from the floodplain on the left embankment of the River Po.  In 1600 the church, dedicated to the Annunciation, was built.  At that point on the embankment there was a protection from floods.  However evidence shows that there were several disastrous floods that sometimes even reached the height of the main entrance of the Church.

Due to its unique location, The Sanctuary is at a point where it is able to envision the scenic landscapes of the countryside of Pavia. Seen in the picturesque farms, expanses of cultivated fields, shrub crops, popular plantations and vineyards.

Since 1300 the territory of Travacò – Siccomario included a large number of churches and farms, which formed several smaller cities, which were recently merged into a single town.


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