A medieval world

Length: 5,5
Ground: mixed
Difference in level: 15
Interest: Cultural  Naturalistic  
Difficulty: easy
Slope: 3%


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Immersed in the Ticino Park is one of the prettiest villages in Italy. The village houses Morimondo Abbey, built in 1134 when the first twelve Cistercian monks arrived from Morimond in France to begin work on what remains one of the most beautiful and best-preserved monasteries in the world.

Here you can go back to a pace of life that still follows ancient rhythms. You can see traces of the earliest relationship between man and nature, in a landscape that man in his wisdom built over the centuries. Alder forests frame cultivated fields and bear witness to an age-old but effective forestry that provides wood to monks and farmers.

Water flows plentifully in every direction, originating as it does from the nearby Naviglio canal, the River Ticino, the artificial Nasino and Rabica canals, and the characteristic local springs, where water from the Alps flows underground and resurges in this area, where it is wisely used to irrigate the water meadows.

Morimondo Abbey rises from the River Ticino terrace, testimony to the religiousness and simplicity of the peoples who tied their destinies to the land and to the results it bears.

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