What is “Il germoglio del Ticino”


The project “Germoglio del Ticino”  highlights all the natural skills and resources available  and combines them with sustainable development planning ideas for environmental and human resources. We  believe that, to “safeguard” public goods, you have to enhance its strength by making it accessible to the entire population. This  project aims to create an eco-touristic form of awareness  of the essence of the Park and  a network system which involves: farmers, traders, artisans, and all services and structures provided by the hospitality and environmental protection sector. The park has garnered over 40 years of experience in management; it organizes, coordinates and at the same time is the protagonist of this  “tourist system”. It aims to bring together existing entrepreneurial resources: of this territory and of the people that make Parco del Ticino what it is, cooperating and working together as a single brand.

The natural commodities that Ticino has to offer are many.  In fact in 2002 the Global Network of Biosphere Reserves (WNBR – World Network of Biosphere Reserves) endorsed the Ticino Valley  (Piedmont and Lombardy) as a Reserve of the MAB Biosphere. The uniqueness of the oak and hornbeam forests ,found in the Po Valley, the wealth of ecosystems and biodiversity that this “living treasure chest” contains, blended with centuries and centuries of man made works of artistic and architectural treasures. The Vigevano town and its square, Morimondo and its Abbey are just some of the examples that give value to these places, but this territory can only truly shine  through cooperation and unity. This is “Il Germoglio del Ticino”!
This project with this perspective in mind has a combined set of  goals, strategies and tools  through which  the team convey quality and technical expertise :

– the creation of a portal that transfers in a timely manner to its users accurate information: promoting and adding value to the environmental, historical and human resources available;

– the creation of an app and other “informative” framework programs for smartphones and tablets;

– the promotion of  local  farmers and their products with the brand “MARCHIO DEI PRODOTTI AGRICOLI DEL PARCO”;

– direct and innovative marketing of these products mainly through diversification;

– the creation of a network of pedestrian and cycle paths which links the “beauty” of the park to resting stops and refreshment points in collaboration with with  local  private companies participating in the project;
– the creation of attractive tour packages for all types of visitors,and  maximising through quality, organization and diversification the experience and  the number of tourists in the area.

All this achievements  were made possible thanks to our collaboration with the Lombardy Region and other local authorities present in the territory, but especially the cooperation and unity of hundreds of  private  organizations and entities: commercial, agricultural, craft, and all the realities and professionals working in the field of tourism and hospitality. Their confidence in the “Il Germoglio del Ticino” will be the main factor that will decide the fate of this project.